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Patrice Manget of The Montana ConciergeAbout The Montana Concierge  

Patrice Manget Professional Résumé

Hello! I'm Patrice Manget, The Montana Concierge. I started my company in November 2002 after spending 5 months in Kauai at my sister Michaelle's beautiful island home helping her organize her businesses. That was after I had spent a year in Salt Lake City working to produce the live TV coverage of the 2002 Winter Games. By February 2001, I had been living in Montana for 4 or 5 five years and having worked for both the Barcelona and Atlanta Summer Games, I was delighted to have another opportunity to work the Games in Salt Lake.

But I should back up a bit and start from the beginning...

I'm an Air Force brat, the second of five children, and I was born in Munich, Germany. By the time my dad was assigned to Albany, Georgia when I was 10, we had already lived in Virginia, Turkey, Louisiana and Pennsylvania. My folks separated and Mom stayed in Georgia to raise us kids. I married young and moved to Delaware with my husband and my pride and joy to this day, my daughter Christine. At the University of Delaware, I began my career in computer technology which continues to this day. That was back in the punch card days and boy, how things have changed!

Several years later, I moved to San Francisco where I started another career in theater, dance, music and performance. The computer work continued but, oh my, the world of entertainment had been calling since early days of school chorus, talent shows and church choir. After 10 years in the Bay Area doing theater and live music, working for Bill Graham Presents and becoming a baloonatic with my good friend The Balloon Lady, I flew away with a cabaret show for a six-month tour of the Middle East. Cyprus, Greece, Crete and Baghdad! Well, that's a book in itself but suffice to say it landed in me in Barcelona, Spain where I lived for the next 14 years. I continued to perform in jazz, blues and country groups, also doing live musical theater, movies and TV shows. The computer skills grew as I worked as a translator for the Press Department of the International Trade Fair. Then came the Barcelona Olympics - Wow! Which led to working the World Cup in Dallas, then 18 months in Atlanta with the Centennial Games, which eventually led me to Montana. That sounds like a real logical jump, no?

My sister Geralene and her husband Ted had moved to NW Montana in the late 70s and I had been to visit many times over the years. I always thought I would love to live here after so many years in big cities, but that path didn't open until I drove here after the Atlanta Games to spend some time with my mother who had also settled here. I thought she was moving back to Spain with me but one thing or another happened, and suddenly five years later, I was working for a law firm taking care of their client databases and their IT admin, and fronting a blues band. Well, as John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

So, after Salt Lake and after Kauai, I decided that I wasn't done with Northwest Montana's mountains and valleys and lakes and streams and big sky, fresh air, sweet water, and stars in your face at night. At the same time, I decided that I had done so many different things in my life that starting a concierge business was the perfect way to offer all my skills and experience to my clients at once. I love helping people. I love finding all those perfect details that just make their day... and mine.

This is the point where I whip out a resume and tell you I've 30 years computer experience, as many years in an on-going music career, 3 Olympic Games in live TV production (which is high pressure like no other high pressure!). I'm fluent in Spanish and part of me is still in Barcelona. I put in 5 years working for trial attorneys, plus lots of event planning and a lot of my own graphics design over the years. I love to read, cycle, x-country ski, write, and enjoy good food and good times with friends. Most of all, I love to spend time with my family which is easier these days as most of them have settled in Florida. My sister Eileen has a big house in Orlando so she usually gets stuck with all of us piling in on her for the holidays - sibs, spouses, kids and grandkids, we can be boisterous. We love to visit Michaelle in her island paradise and while brother Jody in Vermont has yet to host a family gathering, I expect we'll all swing up north one day soon. I put all their smiling faces in the flash series up at the top of this page.

Thank you for visiting this page. I've enjoyed having a chance to tell you a bit about myself. I look forward to hearing from you. All good blessings on you and yours.


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