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Client Comments

"Thanks for the great job on the PowerPoint presentation you created for my business. You took my general ideas and translated them into a clear and artistically creative format. Your flexibility allowed me to jump in with spontaneous ideas as the project developed and you incorporated all of them with maximum effect. I wanted a moving presentation that I could use for my trade fair booths and for my showroom and you created that and more! I've also used it to present my products at business meetings and it's perfect! Thank you so much!"

Lori Bjork, Closet Classics

"Thanks, Patrice! Four hours to flight time with no one to take care of our dogs, Bailey and Jack, and there you were, answering our last minute call. Really appreciated the short notice. Thanks for spending the extra time playing with them and keeping them company."

E. S. Kerley

"Thanks for organizing and hosting our private arena warming. Did appreciate your work and all that you did and would recommend you. The feedback was all positive. "

Anne Finke, Larch Ridge Farm

"Wow...this is great. Thanks for your follow through...very nice! Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to Fireside Jazz nights being successful."

Stephanie Leclerc. General Manager, WestCoast Kalispell Center & Outlaw Hotels

"I just wanted to commend you on the hard work you have been doing to make these Fireside Jazz nights a win/win scenario for the Hotel, yourselves and the community. I think it is a very positive situation for all of us, and again I thank you so much for taking on the lion's share of the work."

Karena Bemis, Corporate Sales Manager, WestCoast Kalispell Center & Outlaw Hotels

"Thank you for taking me to the doctor's to get my back brace fitted. Also for all your help pitching in with my grandkids to get me moved into my new place. I thank you for your kindness as a friend, not a business client . "

"Grandma" Martha Rowland

"Patrice, it's not everyone I feel totally at ease turning my house keys over to when I leave town. I was so comfortable doing so with you. I am so very pleased we were able to get you to kitty sit Sugar Baby while we were gone for a few days & nights. It sure took any worries from my head. Sug was the main concern but all the little things you did were fabulous. Thanks for spending quality time here & sleeping over to keep Sug from getting too lonely. Also a thanks for tending to the indoor & outdoor plants & gathering paper & mail for us. So great to be able to take a quick vacation & leave your worries behind. Coming back to such a tidy home, clean bedding & towels done up for us was above & beyond the call of duty but WOW was it great to see when walking in the door so tired so late at night after the red eye express night flight. All we could think of was a shower & catching some shuteye. The mini flowers & card are darling too...MUCHAS GRACIAS SENORITA!!! Can you stay EVERY TIME we want a break?"

Glo Redmond

"Hey girl...YOU ROCK!!! Your interpretation of the tunes was right on for sure!! Thanks for doing the sessions!"

Bill Durham

"Hi Patrice, it was so fun meeting you on the plane. Your CD with your singing is absolutely wonderful and you are definitely a top-notch singer. I was totally impressed!"

David Young, David Young Music

"Patrice! I've told the whole family that you're the White Tornado! I can hardly believe how quickly and efficiently you organized my office and created a clear, easy-to-use filing system for all my business and financial files. Thanks also for your computer training sessions and all the production work you did on my YOGA from KAUAI DVD. Love you, sistah!"

Michaelle Edwards, Mana Yoga Center

"Thank you so much for all your valuable help and assistance with Michaelle's YOGA from KAUAI DVD shoot! Your logs, notes, CD's etc. were a HUGE help as I worked on the final edit. Thanks for being so on top of things. You're an excellent field logger, you hauled, set up, and broke down equipment, kept makeup together, washed and sewed wardrobe every night, made sure we had food, water and clean beach towels every day, shot production stills, and made that supreme effort to hold up the light flex fill for that 20-minute take with sweat in your eyes and bugs chewing on you! You got us all rousted out of bed at 4:00 AM so we could tear down the coast and be ready at sunrise for Michaelle's amazing backbend framing the rising sun - it's the money shot for sure! I look forward to doing future projects with you!"

Spence Palermo, Writer, Producer and Director, Intercultural Images

"Patrice, besides your extensive experience working for International events on the Television side, I hired you because I knew you could respond to any new challenge with responsibility, imagination, always hungry to learn and a good attitude. You always added extra value to your duties. You're a great team worker, always very cooperative, responsible, trustworthy and prompt. Your excellent computer skills and very good knowledge of the business gave us the needed support at anytime and under any high-pressure situation. You showed great customer service skills in handling our clients, people forever in a big hurry (TV Directors, TV Producers, TV Reporters, etc.), you always knew how to help them, fulfilling their demands constantly. Bona sort, nena!"

Josep Rúbies, TV Consultant, Director & Producer, Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games

"Patrice, I can't wait until the next project we might have an opportunity to work on...or Blues bar we might bump into each other in. I want to tell you how much I appreciated all your help and work on this project. With all the curve balls thrown your way, I'm surprised you were so nice to us. I can't even get into how well we were treated - all the travel, hotel and transportation arrangements, everything was first class in Ogden. The way you treated us is the reason a hard working crew stayed cheerful and professional throughout. And for that we all thank you. Until the next time."

Geoff Johnson, Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Lead Producer for Curling, Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games

"Patrice, those 5 hours of computer software training I spent with you were the best I've ever had! Your instructions were so clear and easy to understand. All your tips and tricks about the software and my operating system were invaluable. I can't thank you enough. I recommend you anytime to anyone for software training!"

Dale McGarvey, Attorney at Law and Senior Partner, McGarvey, Heberling, Sullivan and McGarvey, PC

To Whom It May Concern: Patrice Manget worked for us during the absence of our regular secretary. Candidly, we were reluctant to hire a temporary because it has been our experience that by the time they get familiar with the job, it is time for them to leave. Our experience with Patrice has been a pleasant revelation. With little or no indoctrination, she took over and performed the assigned tasks as though she were a regular employee. We both consider her an outstanding employee and would be pleased to act as a reference for her.

I. James Heckathorn and Jon T. Dye, Attorneys at Law, Crowley , Haughey, Hanson, Toole & Dietrich, PLLP

"I would like to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for the dedication and professionalism you brought to your role as Atlanta Olympic Broadcasting production secretary/liaison. You are a great team player, always ready to offer colleagues your help and support, and I was proud to have you on my team. During Gamestime, despite enormous pressure and difficult conditions, you focused on the job at hand and were very instrumental in our successful coverage of Outside Races, especially with regard to the first live international coverage of the Mountain Bike racing events. Over the 18 months of Games planning and operations, you were a valuable and respected member of my staff and, without a doubt, your performance far exceeded all expectations. I wish you the best of success in all your future endeavors. Warm regards always."

José Ramón Díez, Coordinating Producer, 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Summer Games

"Patrice, it was a pleasure to work with you in Atlanta. Maybe you know that the coverage of Mountain Biking won the Bronze Award of the International Olympic Committee for the best host broadcaster sports television coverage. It was your well done job!!!"

Felip Lombaerts, Sports Director for BRTN/Belgian Television, 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Summer Games



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